Wineries of the Sierra Foothills

Sierra Wineries is a comprehensive guide to the wineries in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California. It includes wineries from the Shenandoah Valley in Amador County, the Fair Play and Apple Hill wineries in El Dorado County and the Murphys wineries in Calaveras County.

Here you will find information about the different wineries, including videos and interactive maps of the wine country. These maps are also available in a printable (.pdf) version. Information about each winery, such as tasting room hours, is included. Articles about the different wine regions and about wine tasting, wine storage, cooking with wine and other wine topics are also here.

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The History of Wine Country in the Sierra Foothills

by Donald Nelson

It is impossible to study the history of wine country in the Sierra Foothills and the Delta without knowledge of the broader economic forces that have shaped the region since the mid-nineteenth century.

Old barn in Amador County
 Old barn in Amador County

Years Before the Gold Rush

Until the Gold Rush, Stockton and Sacramento were natural deep water ports. The subsequent mining during the Gold Rush filled the riverbeds with debris. These cities are still deep water ports, but only because a path through the Delta is dredged.

The early economy revolved around the transport of goods to and from these regional centers. However, the population was relatively small and did not support a significant wine industry.

The Independent Miner: Impact on Wine Country

On January 24, 1848, James Marshall discovered gold in the American River. When news got out, a flood of young men raced to the region to seek their fortunes.

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The Art Of Wine Tasting

by Tristan Andrews

Even though many just assume that wine tasting is sipping, swishing, and swallowing - many are amazed to find that it's actually a bit more.Wine tasting is more of an art, an art that is used to distinguish the taste of fine wines.Wine can be a tasty and refreshing drink - if the bottle was stored correctly and aged properly.

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