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About the Winery

El Dorado grapes were originally planted by the gold miners in the 1850s and 1860s. These hearty souls created a legacy that we follow today by crafting the best wines in our own favorite style, and by showcasing the amazing flavors created by our soil, climate and precipitation in the Apple Hill region of our beautiful and historic county. Our 100-year-old building has been a pear barn, a box manufacturing facility, an apple barn — and now it’s a grape barn!  The building was the second winery to be licensed in El Dorado County after the end of Prohibition.

The red wines, crafted by expert winemakers, all come from dozens of growers within 30 miles of our wine barn. Because we are so diverse, each grower represents different and unique flavors in their grapes, which allows us to focus on superior wine making skills from our winery team. And we are proud to be able to refer customers to our neighboring wineries — especially those on Carson Road — based on their wine flavor preferences.  The Apple Hill/Camino region of the county is the place where gold and wine  all began for us!

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  • Picnic Area:Yes
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  • Wine Varietals:Petit Verdot King Fire, Petite Syrah, Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Grenache, Barbera, Malbec, Merlot, Mourvedre, Mystery Juice, Zinfandel
Our Wines
Barbera El Dorado ‘Reserve’; Big Classic Italian Barbera flavors with vibrant acidity! The Wohler vineyard produces fruit that makes the best Barbera you may ever taste. Wine Geeks: Ask what Monopole means! 2015 vintage!
CABERNET FRANC El Dorado ‘Reserve’; It is all here; violet and rose petals in the nose, full mid-palette with rich and lingering black cherry finish. Grown on decomposed granite soils. Not like any Cab Franc you’ve had before – welcome to the Foothills!
CABERNET SAUVIGNON El Dorado ‘Reserve’; This luscious wine structure, has a layered warmth and hint of dust on the nose, and a long and lingering mouthfeel with a clean finish. Great foothill fruit shines with low tannins. Enjoy with BBQ!
GRENACHE El Dorado ‘Reserve’; Classic Rhone flavors! Full bodied with a strawberry burst. It ain’t no sissy pink Grenache. Drink it cold and fast when you’re BBQ’ing in the heat or dining on the patio! Unfiltered.
MALBEC El Dorado ‘Reserve’; A brooding earthiness with soft tannins. Plum flavors and spice dominate a finish featuring a long and a mysterious spiciness. Keep this for a couple of years or have it tonight with a nice steak.
MERLOT El Dorado ‘Reserve’ Gold Hill Vineyard; Smooth and velvety, rich with a dusty cocoa finish. Packed with ripe fruit. Textured and elegant. A stunner! Thought you didn’t like Merlot? This will fix you…
MOURVEDRE El Dorado ‘Reserve’; Superb expression of Mourvedre fruit with Foothill Spice and a hint of white pepper! This winery favorite is a medium-weight wine with a bright mid-pallet and a long finish. Enjoy with a garlicky dish!
MYSTERY JUICE El Dorado…anything more would just be ironic. Ask and we ‘might’ tell you the story. Don’t expect the same story from everyone. Another customer favorite.
PETITE SYRAH El Dorado ‘Reserve’; This inky gem may be our best Petite yet! It features an earthy nose and the distinct flavor of blueberries, with a baking-chocolate finish from the healthy tannins. This wine will improve for at least 4 years in your cellar.
RENEGADE RED El Dorado; Our iconic blended wine has Mourvedre and Cab Franc at 27%, followed by Zinfandel and Cabernet Sauvignon at 16% each. Add in 7% each of Pinot Noir and Malbec and you’ve got our super tasty blend!
SANGIOVESE El Dorado ‘Reserve’ Sauber Vineyard; An Italian, Foothill favorite, featuring a spicy, round mouthfeel and soft tannins. We don’t make much, so if you are lucky enuf to taste our Sangio – get it quick! Or buy it as a Future
TEMPRANILLO El Dorado ‘Grand Reserve’; a textbook version of Tempranillo, featuring a smoky attack, with a mouthfeel that shows a bit of leather. This plummy wine has depth, but is not over-extracted, making it quite pleasant to share around your dinner table.
ZINFANDEL El Dorado ‘Reserve’; Classic, bright Zin with layers of berry and tobacco. Full Bodied with nice, long tannins and a lingering blackberry finish. Fruit from three premiere El Dorado vineyards.
CRYSTAL BASIN BUBBLY NV California; A fun and slightly sweet Sparkling Wine. Made especially for CBC. Designed for pure enjoyment. Ask about our wedding deal!
DOLCE BOTTINO – GSM BLEND DESSERT 2013 El Dorado Late Harvest Style Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre blend with brandy added, and a 2.5% residual sugar. This wine was made to satisfy those seeking an off-dry red wine that is not as sweet and sticky as a Port. Dark bramble-berry nose with a long finish. 750 ml bottle – such a deal!