The Forester is located in the heart of Apple Hill, also called the town of Camino.  Quality food at very reasonable prices.  We use rice oil for our deep fried
food, such as Fish and Chips.  Rice oil is known in the industry as arguably the best
frying medium because of its high flash point and lack of trans fatty acids which does not impart unpleasant taste to the food (like cheap soy-based oils).  For
all other cooking, pure butter is used.  All gravies are thickened with roux (unsalted
butter and flour).  Fresh vegetables are sautéed in butter, as is the spaetzle
(German handmade noodles).  Wienerschnitzel is one of the Pub’s pride entrees.  This is not a “hot dog”.  We are talking about veal or pork cutlets dipped in an egg and flour batter with nutmeg and pepper and Parmesan cheese and fried to perfection, served with spaetzle and red cabbage.  And their menu includes everything from Fish and Chips to Stroganoff, steaks, shrimp, chicken and even Hungarian Goulash.  You will not be disappointed!

Great local and famous wines and beers are presented in a relaxed atmosphere and there is quiet outside seating under massive cedar trees.  Topping this restaurant off is a small arcade, pool table and horseshoe pit for kids and adults.

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Q weather problems

We are at an elevation of 3000 feet. There are only about 5 days a year that the snow is heavy enough that it makes driving difficult. However, we are only a few blocks away off Highway 50 in Camino CA which make it a major stopping off traveler's paradise coming from or going to the Lake Tahoe region of the Sierra. And the easy off-ramp and on-ramp are next door to a full service gas station, and more than 10 winery tasting rooms. And there are no hilly terrain to give driving problems.

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